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Affordable Care Act’s Employer Reporting Requirements

The deadline is quickly approaching for employers to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s employer reporting requirements. All large employers and small self-insured employers are required to report to the IRS whether they offered ACA compliant health insurance to their full-time employees and their dependents in 2015 and annually thereafter. Employers must first report this information by February 28, 2016 (March 31, 2016 if filing electronically). Although this may seem like just another IRS filing, the information required to complete the IRS forms may not be readily accessible for some employers and the instructions to the forms are detailed, often confusing and filled with caveats, exceptions and special rules. 

This presentation focuses on reporting for large employers. It summarizes the applicable reporting requirements, including penalties for noncompliance, and acts as a step-by-step guide to completing IRS forms 1094-C and 1095-C. 

Fall 2015 Employer Update

Our fall employer program topics included:  
Overtime rule changes under the Fair Labor Standards Act 
Tips for Retirement Investment Committee members on protecting yourself from liability 
Updates on Affordable Care Act, same-sex marriage and Family Medical Leave Act 

Spring 2015 Government Employer Update & QDROs Seminar

This program covered a variety of current interest topics, including the status of the Affordable Care Act, and pending same-sex marriage litigation. We focused on updates to IRS rules involving retirement plans, including new rules on correction of administrative errors, determination letters and volume submitter plans, new DOL rules governing plan fiduciaries, and state requirements on funding policies. We also touched on social security benefits and how those affect retirement plan design.

Recently the General Assembly passed legislation affecting qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs) directed to Tennessee Governmental plans. After the Government Employer Seminar, we presented an additional session focusing on these rule changes. We covered IRS and State law on QDROs, and talked about polices and best practices for handling QDROs by defined contribution and defined benefit plans. 

Medicaid Expansion Presentation

In this presentation we review the ACA provisions on Medicaid expansion, the US Supreme Court ruling that made expansion optional in the states, the terms of Governor Haslam's proposed “Insure Tennessee” Plan for expansion, the US Department of Health & Human Services waiver process, and the Tennessee General Assembly's role, and we begin to list considerations for sponsors of group health plans. Depending on what the Governor, the General Assembly and HHS do next, we expect this to be the first of a series of programs on Medicaid Expansion in Tennessee.

Protecting Board Members and Officers - Useful Changes to Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation Act for 2015

Learn about recent changes to the Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation Act effective January 1, 2015.  We focus on how the changes to the Act allow Tennessee nonprofit and tax-exempt entities to better protect their Board members, officers, and employees from liability through indemnification and insurance, as well as what amendments must be made to entities’ governing documents to take advantage of the changes. We also discuss changes to the conflict of interest rules and touch on some executive compensation issues. 

Fall 2014 Current Issues for Tennessee Employee Benefit Plans

We’d all like to be perfect. Try as we might, errors happen, even in employee plan administration.  In this employee benefit program, we going to talk about common errors in documenting and operating health & welfare and retirement plans, and available and practical means to fix them. We also touch on some topics we've covered before -- with updates on Obamacare/Affordable Care Act and same-sex marriage.  

Same-sex Marriage and Tennessee Governmental Employee Benefit Plans

With the Tennessee constitution conflicting with federal rules, we have received many questions recently about local government employee benefit plans and same sex marriage. This program covers sources of Federal Law and other guidance, and explores some real-life benefit questions.

Spring 2014 Current Issues for TN Government Benefit Plans

In this program we touch on some topics we've covered before -- with updates on Obamacare/Affordable Care Act and same sex marriage.  We're also going to explore topics we have not previously addressed: the Tennessee Blackwell case and its impact on governmental pensions, and understanding Social Security as a component of your participants' retirement income.

The Nuts and Bolts of Obamacare What Every Employer Needs to Know

In 2014 and beyond, most employers will be tasked with answering questions about the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). This program aims to address this complex and robust body of law and to provide a base level understanding of three important component parts: the Individual Mandate, the Employer Mandate, and the issue of Employee Classification. This presentation is an overview of how Obamacare works and what you need to know to begin answering employee questions. We discuss topics such as eligibility, exemption, large employer status, premium credits, penalty calculations and the characterization of employees.
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