Kennerly, Montgomery & Finley P.C.

Kennerly Montgomery has an extensive list of over 250 Homeowners and Condo Association clients, ranging in size from small developments and condominium communities to large master-planned communities with several thousand homes and multiple amenities. If your Association has any legal issue, you can almost guarantee that we’ve seen it before and have an effective and cost-efficient solution.

Here’s just a sample of the areas of law where we can assist your Association :

  • Drafting and Revising Association Organizational Documents
  • Drafting and Revising Association Governing Documents and Bylaws
  • Composing Association Rules, Regulations, and Fining Policies
  • Enforcing Restrictive Covenants and Land Use Violations
  • Administering Association Meetings and Elections
  • Consulting on Association and Board Governance Issues
  • Litigating Matters Regarding Interpretation of Association Governing Documents
  • Litigating Common Property Liability and Vendor Disputes
  • Negotiating and Drafting Vendor and Construction Contracts
  • Attending Annual and Special Association  Meetings
  • Handling Employment Issues Regarding Association Employees
  • Evaluating Common Area and Structure Liability Issues
  • Collecting Delinquent Assessments
  • Recording Assessment Liens
  • Conducting Judicial Foreclosure Actions
  • Drafting and Enforcing Rental Restrictions

The attorneys that practice in this area include:

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